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Nekrologia Minakowskiego 

Index of keywords, places, names

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Gabriela Młocka (Węglińska) ?–?1880

Key characteristic of the person (tags found in obituaries): not provided in obituaries.

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“Nekrologia Minakowskiego” is a biographic encyclopedia
created by Dr Marek Jerzy Minakowski
based on complete set of obituaries from main Polish newspapers
since February 1845 until September 1939.

About 1,050,000 newspaper pages checked*,
almost 500,000 obituaries found.
Over 200,000 distinct people,
whose death was announced in pre-war newspapers.
Only about 5% of them can be found in Wikipedia or Polish Biographical Dictionary (PSB).

User manual in plain Polish: what Nekrologia Minakowskiego is all about, what is it for and how it was being built
and exemplary article.

*) Whole collections of titles: “Kurier Warszawski” 1845-1939 (distinct obituaries appear since February 1845 only, earlier times are covered in paper Sieć społeczna wokół Kuriera Warszawskiego na podstawie jego nekrologów z lat 1821–1861, PDP 39/2017), “Dziennik Poznański” 1859–1939 (whole), “Czas” [krakowski] 1848–1939 (whole), “Słowo” [wileńskie] 1922–1939 (whole), “Ilustowany Kurier Codzienny” [Kraków] 1910–1939 (whole), “Dziennik Kijowski” 1906–1918 (ostatnie lata z lukami). Other titles can be added in the future if additional funds are found.

**) Keywords from obituaries have been extracted either manually (rewritten) or authomatically (by optical character recognition). The latter need to be checked and corrected but this will take about ten man-years. Therefore further work needs support.

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