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Minakowski's Great Genealogy
for Science and Scientists

Minakowski's Great Genealogy is a valuable tool for scientists and scientific institutions.

It is being created in scientific regime by Marek Jerzy Minakowski PhD (bio in Wikipedia) and has been a source for many scientific works (peer-reviewed, published in scientific newspapers or books, see below for details).

It has two layers:
a) a public, genealogical database published at (and with detailed data about 1.200,000 people, from wide elites of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth since 10th till 20th century—all of them form one, continuous family network (such that the distance between any two of them can be measured) - (fact sheet describing its content);
b) a relational database with all source data, hosted internally.

The whole editing is performed on (b) and once a day, the public dabase (a) is compiled from internal (b).

The access to public database (a) is standardized. It depends on the number of users. See below.

The access to private database (b) is discussed case-by-case. It can be for fee, but also can be given for co-authorship. We may also talk about other ways of co-operation (research grants, employment, incorporation, adding other countries or social groups, commercial cooperation etc. - sky is the limit).

Access to public database

Site licence (network-wide, IP addresses)

Many accounts purchased at once (discounted price)

Users do not receive individual accounts, but everybody within local network has access. It works for remote (VPN) access, too.
User does not need to log into - the web page is free for him/her.

Customer provides a list of email addresses.
Each address receives a password used to log into personal account.

of institution
per institution
up to 100 persons 250 €
100-500 persons 500 €
500-1000 persons 750 €
over 1000 persons 1200 €
of accounts
per account
112 €
2-59 €
6-107 €
11-506 €
over 505 €

Publications describing or using Minakowski's Great Genealogy

  1. General, theoretical background and applications: Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Modelling of the Distribution of Economic, Social and Cultural Capital through Massive Genealogy, in: Przeszłość demograficzna Polski, vol. 38 (4/2016), pp. 63-88 (open access, download here)
  2. Methodology: Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Genealogia masowa - metodologia tworzenia i publikacji bazy danych, w: Jolanta Sikorska-Kulesza (red.), Edytorstwo wobec masowości źródeł najnowszych, Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa 2018, ISBN: 978-83-235-3786-1.
  3. Genealogical network of all-time Polish elite: Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Dziesięć tomów PSB na jednej tablicy genealogicznej. "Ci wielcy Polacy to nasza rodzina", in: Rafał T. Prinke (ed.), Megabajty dziejów. Informatyka w badaniach, popularyzacji i dydaktyce historii, pp.97-106, Poznań 2007
  4. Long-term descendants of 14th/15th-century elites of Poland and Lithuania: Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Potomkowie sygnatariuszy z Horodła w elicie Korony i Litwy kolejnych wieków, in: Sławomir Górzyński (ed.), Unia w Horodle na tle stosunków polsko-litewskich, Warszawa: DiG 2015
  5. Social network of 19th-century peasants (entire parish as one family): Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Gęstość sieci koligacji w parafii Kampinos w XIX wieku [Density of family network in Kampinos Parish in 19th century], in: Przeszłość demograficzna Polski, vol. 35 (4/2014), pp. 65-74 (open access, download here)
  6. Social network of 19th-century newspaper readers of Warsaw: Marek Jerzy Minakowski, Social Network around Kurier Warszawski Based on its Obituaries of the Years 1821–1861, in: Przeszłość demograficzna Polski, vol. 39 (2017), pp. 7-49
  7. Homogamy of descendants of 18th-century political elite of Polish-Lithuanian Union, in co-autorship with Professor Rafał Smoczyński (subject earlier presented during a conference in Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius, in September 2008): Mapping Homogamy of Noble Descendants in Poland. A Case Study of the Genealogy of Descendants of the Great Sejm.
  8. Social network of over 1200 Jewish student of Jagiellonian University 1850-1918: paper to be delivered at Sunbelt 2018, Utrecht.
  9. Dozens of texts (articles, entries in biographical dictionaries) of various authors, quoting details from the database.


Please contact the author/owner:
Marek Jerzy7 Minakowski
ul. Szpitalna 39/11
33-100 Tarnów, Poland
phone +48 602 77 00 51

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